Harmony House Silekshan

(Beres Hammond)

1997 - (US) Heartbeat -LP-, #HB 205
1997 - (US) Heartbeat -CD-, #HBCD 205
  1. Try If You Want
  2. Where Were You
  3. Come Again Tonight
  4. The Way It Is
  5. It Takes You
  6. Take a Tip
  7. Fight To Defend It
  8. Left Me Crying
  9. Walk Away From Love
  10. Love Gets Stronger
  11. Touch and Go Situation
  12. Single Girl
  13. False Preacher
  14. Come Back Home
* CD only
First released in 1996 as Lifetime Guarantee

Sleeve notes:
Produced by Richard Bell for Star*Trail Records.
Executive producer: Richard Bell & Garnet Dailey.
Recorded at Cell Block 321, Star*Trail, Black Scorpio, Mixing Lab and Penthouse.
Mixed by Fatta, Bulby, Andi Carr, Wingie and Syl Gordon.
Mixed at: Mixing Lab, Anchor, Star*Trail and Cell Block 321.

Musicians: Jazwad, Firehouse Crew, Dean Frazer, Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare, Danny Firehouse, Robbie Lyn, Vernon, Morrison, Willie Lindo, Dwight Pickney, Wrongmove, David Madden, Howard Messam, Fox Stewart, Nambo Robinson, Mafia & Fluxy and Computer Paul.
Background vocals: Derrick Lara and Pam Hall.