Harmony House Silekshan

(Beres Hammond)

1996 - (UK) Greensleeves -LP-, #GREL 232
1996 - (UK) Greensleeves -CD-, #GRELCD 232
2005 - (UK) Greensleeves -CD-, #GREWCD 232
  1. Try If You Want
  2. Where Were You
  3. Come Again
  4. Touch and Go Situation
  5. It Takes You
  6. Take a Tip
  7. Fight To Defend
  8. Left Me Crying
  9. Walk Away From Love
  10. Love Gets Stronger
  11. The Way It Is
  12. Single Girl
  13. False Preacher *
  14. Come Back Home *
* CD only
Re-released in 1997 as Getting Stronger

Sleeve notes:
Produced by Richard Bell for Star*Trail Records.
Executive producer: Richard Bell & Garnet Dailey.
Recorded at Cell Block 321, Star*Trail, Black Scorpio, Mixing Lab and Penthouse.
Mixed by Fatta, Bulby, Andi Carr, Wingie and Syl Gordon.
Mixed at: Mixing Lab, Anchor, Star*Trail and Cell Block 321.

Musicians: Jazwad, Firehouse Crew, Dean Frazer, Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare, Danny Firehouse, Robbie Lyn, Vernon, Morrison, Willie Lindo, Dwight Pickney, Wrongmove, David Madden, Howard Messam, Fox Stewart, Nambo Robinson, Mafia & Fluxy and Computer Paul.
Background vocals: Derrick Lara and Pam Hall.