Harmony House Silekshan

Just a Man JUST A MAN
(Beres Hammond)

1979 - (JA) Joe Gibbs Music -LP-, #JGML 6000
2010 - (US) VP Records -CD-, #VPCD 4167
  1. Music Is a Positive Vibration
  2. John Crazy
  3. Do This World a Favour
  4. Keep My Wheel Turning
  5. Just a Man
  6. I'm Lonely
  7. I'm In Love With You
  8. Let Me Love You Tonight
  9. Seasons [Previously Realeased As 7" Only]
  10. Set Me Free [Previously Realeased]
Re-released in 1996 as From My Heart With Love

Sleeve notes:
Executive Producer: Rocky Gibson.
Produced by Joe Gibbs.
Arranged by Willie Lindo and Jessie Butler.
Recorded and Mixed at Joe Gibbs.
Engineered and Mixed by Errol Thompson.

Horns: David Madden, Willie Brackenridge, Clive Hunt and Dean Frazer, Jerome Francque and Roland Robinson.
Strings: Peter Ashbourne Group.
Bass: Val Douglas, Mike Chung.
Drums: Mike Richards, Robert Stephenson and Calvin McKenzie.
Guitars: Willie Lindo, Lennox Gordon.
Piano: Franklyn Waul, Clive Hunt and Harold Butler.
Synthesizer: Robbie Lyn, Franklyn Waul and Harold Butler.
Percussion: Franklyn Waul, Clive Hunt and Noel Seale.
Harmony: Pam Hall, Prilli Hamilton and Sharon Foster.