Harmony House Silekshan

(Beres Hammond)

1976 - (JA) Water Lily -LP-, #ARCO LP 003
1993 - (JP) Nippon Colombia -CD-, #CY 75336
2020 - (JA) Harmony House -LP-, #HH0102
  1. You Don't Have To Lie
  2. Oh Take Me Girl
  3. My Whole World
  4. Don't Wait Too Long
  5. Somebody Lied
  6. Is This The Right Way
  7. I'll Never Change
  8. Got To Get Away
  9. Smile
  10. Your Love Won't Shine
  11. One Step Ahead
  12. One Step Ahead (Instrumental) *
  13. Oh I Miss You *
  14. Oh I Miss You (Instrumental) *
(Beres Hammond)

1994 - (US) Heavy Beat -CD-, #HBRCD 0027
  1. I'm In Love With You
  2. One Step Ahead
  3. Got To Get Away
  4. You Don't Have To Lie
  5. Smile
  6. Oh, I Miss You
  7. If Only I Knew
  8. Is This The Right Way
  9. I'll Never Change
  10. Oh Take Me Girl
  11. Seasons
  12. Your Love Won't Shine
  13. My Whole World
  14. Somebody Lied
  15. Don't Wait Too Long
* CD only.

Sleeve notes:
Produced and arranged by Willie Lindo.
Recorded and Mixed at Aquarius Studio.
Recording engineer: Errol Ross.
Mixing engineer: Steven Stanley.

Drums: Michael Richards.
Bass: Val Douglas, Art McLeod.
Guitars: Willie Lindo, Robert Johnson, Clarence Wears.
Piano/String Synthesizer: Harold Butler.
Electric Piano: Earl Wire Lindo.
Organ: Tyrone Downie.
Clavinet: Robert Lyn.
Congos" Cedric Brooks.
Flugel Horn: Jackie Willacy.
Alto Sax: Cedric Brooks.
Tenor Sax: Cedric Brooks, Glen DaCosta, Carlton Samuels.
Trombone: Joe McCormack.
Trumpets: David Madden, Jackie Willacy.
Background vocals: Cynthia Schloss, Cynthia Richards, Merlyn Brooks, Ernest Wilson.