Harmony House Silekshan

    I'd like to tell you a story about,
    What one dance can do,
    One dance can do,
    One dance can do.

    A listen up.

    After one dance on the floor,
    She came back, wanting for more, for more.
    Now I don't know what it is that I've got,
    What she whispered it was so nice, so nice.
    But her man is sitting across the way,
    And he could hear the things I say.
    Now he watches from the corner of his eyes,
    So a move like this would be so unwise.

    Ooh ooh, he's standing ina my way,
    Standing in my way hey.

    You could see,
    She was more than ready,
    To make the move with me anytime.
    Not even thinking of the consequences, oh no no,
    So I had to think quickly.
    'Cause her man his face was looking oh so mean,
    As if anytime, he could create a scene.
    So gently I pushed her away,
    Ooh ooh, he wants to spoil the play.

    He's standing in my way, hey,
    He's standing in my way.

    Now I understand how he feels,
    But I wish he'd give me a little room,
    I know he's got himself a raw deal,
    but I'd like to leave with this lady soon.
    I didn't mean, to be so unkind,
    But I had more than two but one was looking fine.
    Big spender he was, had to have his own way,
    Thought he'd leave, but he stayed,

    Still standing in my way,
    Standing in my way.
    Standing in my way hey,
    standing in my way.
    Thats what one dance can do,
    One dance can do ...