Harmony House Silekshan

    You'll be forever and always in my heart
    Here's what could be sweeter, you think the same for me
    Say you'll ever, be always be there for me
    Announcing now to the world that you and you alone

    Your my pride and joy
    My heart and soul
    My rhyme in song
    My right, my wrong
    And once again, on one of my crazy days
    Hey, I see your face and all that stress is history

    [Verse 2:]
    I'm forever indebted to your love
    I wanna thank you lady for putting up with a man like me
    You must be an angel and I'm not the perfect one
    Bless whatever it is in you, that keeps you holding on


    [Verse 1]


    Now lemme tell you little things that you might not know
    And little things I think you should know
    Never leave you lonely in times of needs, no
    And here's a little something to keep in your head
    I do apologize if I ever made you sad
    Yes I do love you