Harmony House Silekshan

Just a Vibes JUST A VIBES
(Beres Hammond and Derrick Lara)

1991 - (JA) Star Trail -LP-, #STLP 001
1992 - (JP) Tachyon -CD-, #TRC 013
  1. Show Off The Road (Beres Hammond)
  2. Lonely Heart (Derrick Lara)
  3. House Is Not a Home (Beres Hammond)
  4. Sorrow (Beres Hammond & Derrick Lara)
  5. Race of Life (Beres Hammond)
  6. Time is Wasting (Beres Hammond)
  7. Lovers Don't Always Become Best Friends (Derrick Lara)
  8. 100% Of Love (Beres Hammond)
  9. Give a Little Love (Derrick Lara)
  10. Settle Down With Somebody (Beres Hammond & Derrick Lara)
  11. Knocking Heads (Derrick Lara)
Re-released in 1996 as Expression

Sleeve notes:
Produced by Richard Bell and Willie Lindo.
Recorded at Black Scorpio and JR Studio.
Mixed by Lynford "Fatta" Marshall at Mixing Lab and Studio 2000.
Recording Engineers: Mikey Riley, Julio Ferrer, Bunny Tom Tom, Oswald "Chunnie" Palmer and Newton.

Musicians: Robbie Lyn, Dwight Pickney, Bulgie, Willie Lindo, Chris Meredith and Danny Browne.
Backing vocals: JC Lodge, Nadine Sutherland, Pam Hall, Cynthia Schloss, Wayne Wade and Peter Keane.