Harmony House Silekshan

Have a Nice Week End HAVE A NICE WEEK END
(Beres Hammond)

1989 - (US) WKS -LP-, #WKSLP 012
1990 - (US) VP Records -CD-, #VPCD 1081
1999 - (UK) Jetstar -CD-, #KPCRCD 12
  1. A Long Vacation
  2. Leave It Up To Love
  3. Tender Lies
  4. Stop Your Hiding
  5. I'll Let You Go
  6. Have a Nice Week End
  7. Keep On Trying
  8. Dream Merchant
  9. Missing You For a Mile
  10. You Don't Have To Cry
  11. Signed, Sealed & Delivered
Re-released in 1993 as Irie and Mellow and again in 1999 as Groovy Little Thing

Sleeve notes:
Produced by Willie Lindo.
Recorded at HC&F Studio and Hollywood Sync. Studio.
Recording Engineer: Dennis Haliburton and Jammie Shwartz.
Remix Engineers: Phillip Smart, Dennis Halburton and Jammie Shwartz.

Bass: Val Douglas.
Synthesizer Bass: Sydney Mills and Dennis Halburton.
Piano and Rhodes Synthesizer: Sydney Mills.
Guitar: Willie Lindo.
Guitar Solo on 'Missing You For a Mile': Gary Mayone.
Drum Programming: Sydney Mills, Phillip Smart and Dennis Halburton.
Synthesizer Overdubs: Sydney Mills.
Horn Solos: Dean Frazer.