Harmony House Silekshan

Comin At You COMIN' AT YOU
(Beres Hammond)

1982 - (JA) WKS Records -LP-, #001
1982 - (US) J&W Records -LP-, #
  1. Red Light
  2. It's Not Easy
  3. Don't Want To Lose You
  4. Put Your Arms Around Me
  5. Coming At You
  6. Stand By
  7. You Were There
  8. Irie And Mello
Re-released in 1993 as Red Light

Sleeve notes:
Produced and arranged by Willie Lindo.
Recording Engineer: Noel Hearne.
Mixing Engineer: Willie Lindo, Maxie and Mickey

Bass: Derick Barnett.
Drums: Mickey Richards.
Guitars: Willie Lindo.
Piano, Synthesizer, Organ: Franklyn Waul and Ervin Lloyd.
Sax: Dean Frazer.
Trumpet: David Madden.
Trombone: Ronald Robinson.
Background vocals: Pam Hall, Cynthia Schloss and Feres Walters.